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Welcome to Forever Keto. I’m Amanda and I'm so excited you're here! I've combined my passion for life, with my love of content creation, to share my knowledge of the Keto Diet and all of it’s life changing qualities and health benefits with you.

Humble Beginnings

You could say my Keto journey began with my first Saturday job in a Health Food Store. I remember my Mum pushing me to get a Saturday job at 14. I was scared and confused and didn’t know where to apply or what I could even do, but shop work seemed an obvious choice, as Mum worked in a Clarks shoe store.

Across the street there was a Holland and Barrett, and I don’t think I had ever even been in there, but the cool paper store next door - we all used to be obsessed with coloured paper in the late 80’s - wasn’t hiring, so I tried my luck in H&B.

Now, when I look back, I know I was blessed to have been chosen, as it set me on the path that I’m on now. But at the time I was just grateful for a job somewhere clean, warm - it was winter - and interesting, even if it did smell of fresh yeast!

In those early days I usually stacked shelves and cleaned, but I was fascinated listening to Barbara, the Product Advisor, talking about the various supplements and helping people find what they needed for various ailments. I learned about Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy and more. I was hooked!

The lovely Barbara generously shared her knowledge with me over the years, and at 17 I left college and became a store manager with H&B.

Several years and an abundance of in-house and external training later, I was head-hunted by an independent chain of health food stores to oversee their southern based stores. This piqued my interest in Sports Nutrition, as there were several stores in Army towns and high demand for protein powders, natural alternatives to steroids, and supplements to support endurance and performance.


The Royal Society for Public Health ran a fantastic training programme and over several years I gained a multitude of qualifications in nutrition, health and wellness, and eventually I wrote the training manuals that were used within our stores.

I my mid-20’s I married my childhood sweetheart and suddenly a whole new world of technology opened up to me. His technical knowledge and programming skills were back then, and to this day continue to be, awesome. I was hooked on the opportunities technology opened up and my path diverted into the corporate world of computer brokerage.

Our combined skills and entrepreneurial nature meant it wasn’t long before we had our own company, and for many years we operated a recycling program for end of life corporate technology. Fast forward many years, along a path of technology, through digital marketing and I finally arriving at content creation and blogging.

My Health

Over the years I’ve experienced niggling health issues. I suffered with inflammation causing chronic lower back and pelvic pain. I used to ride my horse feeling like there were small pieces of glass grinding away in my joints. Looking back I don’t know how I lived with so much pain for so long.

Discovering The Blood Type Diet

A trip to visit friends in Florida woke me up to how inattentive I was being to my own health, when they introduced me to the concept of Eat Right 4 Your Type - The Blood Type Diet. I could have kicked myself when I read that book for the first time. It was a lightbulb moment. I mean I knew this stuff, I spent years training and earning my qualifications, but I wasn’t applying it myself.

I immediately cut out all the foods that were not beneficial for my blood type - O - and within a month my pain was gone - really gone!

As a Blood Type O, I’m a genetic hunter. That means eating mainly protein and fat from meat and green leafy plants.

No grains or dairy, nothing that needs to be cultivated and harvested, just the food types that ancient hunters would have had access to as they roamed the plains. Sound familiar?

This new way of eating opened up my world again. It helped me lose weight easily, gave me more energy to enjoy longer walks with our dogs, freed me from pain to spend hours on end in the saddle and quite frankly made me a nicer and happier person. I’ll admit I became somewhat evangelical about The Blood Type Diet, at a time when it wasn’t that well known here in the UK.

Moving Abroad & Coming Home

I was lucky enough to move to sunny California for several years where I could shop at Wholefoods daily, picking up fresh organic fruit and veg, grass fed beef and free range chicken. They even offered ‘fast’ food that was healthy, with a ridiculously varied salad bar that stretched for miles and different hot dishes every day. It was heavenly. Plus all that sunshine was great for topping up my Vitamin D levels!

Life goes on and after a few years I moved back to the UK and I got really busy again, it was impossible to find the things I had become used to eating, and I found that my interest in food waned and I just stopped paying attention and grabbed what was easy again.

How could I have been so stupid??!!

The Ah-Ha Moment

Guess what? The weight piled on again and one day I woke up and realised that not only was I in pain again - a lot of pain - but that I was only 45 and I had a lot of years ahead of me. Years that I wanted to live well. We have health issues in the family - Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, IBS - and it scared me to think that was my future, so I decided, right then and there, a week before Christmas 2015, to make a LIFE CHOICE - a choice to be better, eat better and invest time into my health.

No eating what was left in the cupboard, or waiting until after Christmas so I could enjoy all the treats, right then and there I stopped eating all those inflammatory foods and made a promise to myself that I was never going back.

By mid-February my husband decided to join me. We went full Keto and we have never looked back. That first year I lost 80lbs - he lost 100 - and I discovered the person I should have been all along - healthy, happy, fit (after a little work!) and pain free.

Keto Diet Before and After - Forever Keto

Along the way I must admit I got a little ‘preachy’ with my friends. They were watching me scoff down plates of bacon and egg and could not believe how the weight was falling off me. I swear they thought I was ill or it was just magic. Literally the lady on the checkout at M&S, where I shopped for fresh food every day, would say things like “You’re obviously not eating that” as she blipped vast amounts of meat, bacon and (goat) butter through the scanner.

I would explain about my way of eating, how Keto works, and the results you can expect. Everybody was fascinated. I made new friends, people I met at Pilates class, people I saw in my daily trips to the shops over the years, just through talking about Keto.

Some of those friends follow a Low Carb or Keto Lifestyle now, some don’t, but they are still my friends. Many urged me to hold support groups or to set up a Facebook group, but I held back. I was busy with my business and somehow felt I wasn’t qualified to offer that kind of support.

Covid really brought it home to me that the two things that matter most in life are your health and your family.

I’ve experienced the power of Keto first-hand and would love to help you explore the health benefits, so that you too can achieve your health and wellness goals. I spent many years training in nutrition, health and alternative medicine (and experiencing some pretty rough health issues myself!) before finally finding true healing through Keto - for myself AND others!

I am excited to share my knowledge and experience on the Keto Diet, knowing that when I started my journey it was confusing, hard to find the answers I needed in plain English (and not skewed to an American audience) and to know what to buy from where. If I experienced that, with my level of knowledge, I knew it would be a difficult journey for anyone interested in following a Keto Diet and Lifestyle here in the UK.

So please do browse my blog and feel free to ask questions - there’s a form at the bottom of each page - and let me help you find the answers you need to start, stick to and enjoy your very own Keto journey

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