Looking for a Keto Snack to help you stay feeling fuller for longer?

Do you have hunger pangs on a Keto diet? It's not uncommon, especially in the early days.

Some of the most common questions asked are "What Keto snacks will help me stay fuller for longer?" and "How do I stop feeling hungry on Keto?"

While there are plenty of delicious low carb snacks on the market, most contain ingredients that spike blood sugar levels. The best way to stay on track with your Ketogenic Diet is by being prepared with the right snacks, so that when you're feeling hungry, you can grab one and it will help you feel fuller for hours…

Prevent Hunger on Keto

In this post, I'll be reviewing the Keto Keto snack bars. With under 2g Net Carbs per bar, they're perfect to keep in your pocket, handbag or desk drawer and won't leave you feeling guilty about eating something sweet!

Keto Keto - so good they named it twice!

Whether you are following a Clean, Dirty or Lazy Keto Diet, Keto Keto Bars are 100% Ketogenic, verified by Ketone Meter Testing, and provide you with the good fats you need to maintain your energy levels and hit your macro goals.

Low carb & sugar free, they’re also great for anyone following an Atkins or LCHF diet!

Four tantalising flavours - Banana Bread, Cherry Bakewell, Coconut & Cashew, Choc Hazelnut - mean there’s a bar to suit all tastes - or if you’re like me, you’ll love all of them. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be Banana Bread, but it would be a close call.

Banana Bread - complex, rich, comforting.

I had to start with Banana Bread. It's bright yellow wrapper called out to me.

I've been on my Keto journey for 5 years now, and haven't had a taste of banana in all that time, so the thought of Banana Bread to compliment my mid-morning coffee was tantalising. Also, I hadn't had breakfast, so by 11am I was quite peckish!

As soon as I peeled open the wrapper, the aroma hit me. I just took a moment to stop and savour those rich, sweet notes, delicately intertwined with the warming smells of spices reminiscent of home baking. Hmmmm...

My first nibble did not disappoint. Complex flavours flooded through my mouth, invoking memories of the warm kitchen at my Grandma's house. Long afternoons spent chopping, mixing and baking. Remembering licking the cake mix from the spoon - naughty!

My coffee sat there, getting cold, as I slowly savoured the experience, bite after bite, the texture somewhat like a shortbread biscuit. I was not going to be rushed.

Did it taste like Banana Bread - heck yes!

I felt quite selfish when my husband walked into our home office and I was sitting there munching away. I had forgotten to offer to share!

I eyed the flavours and offered him a Coconut & Cashew bar - knowing that would be his favourite - with a conciliatory smile and an apology for hogging all the Banana Bread.

Banish Hunger On Keto

Cherry Bakewell - just like the real thing!

I saved the Cherry Bakewell bar for an evening in front of the TV. Time off to relax, unwind and enjoy. Sweet treats have not been a major part of my Keto journey. I don't bake - although I used to - as with just the 2 of us, it doesn't seem necessary. I would never have baked something as complicated as a Cherry Bakewell. Those always came out of a box!

This time I decided to share, as this was an after dinner treat and I wouldn't have been able to finish a whole bar myself. We snuggled down with half each, tea and coffee in hand.

Have you noticed how the smell of food can make you smile? I sat there grinning like a Cheshire Cat, surrounded by the aroma of almonds, cherry and pastry - yes pastry! How did they do that? It was so spot on, I wanted to look around for the Mr Kipling box.

The flavour was just like the real thing, combined with the same satisfyingly dense, but more-ish crumbly texture. Yum! So good that I was glad I had shared, as I looked over to see my husband savouring his, somewhat smaller, half.

This ticked the boxes for us as an after dinner treat, or for those days when you crave a taste of your pre-Keto life.

Don't Be Hungry On Keto

Chocolate Hazelnut - comfort food

Hands up, I used to be a chocoholic. Nowadays I am happy with a great quality 100% dark chocolate. I was intrigued by the Chocolate Hazelnut flavour, as it immediately made me think of Nutella. With that in mind, and because I always enjoy pairing my snacks with the perfect drink, I decided to treat myself to a rare oat latte with this one. Yes, I was preparing for the perfect dunk!

Much darker in colour, Chocolate Hazelnut really does look like a cake bar, but with the same shortbread biscuit look and feel of the other flavours. Slightly more crunchy, due to the hazelnuts, but not overly so.

The chocolate flavour was subtle, more like a compliment to the nuts than an overpowering taste. More simple chocolate cake rather than rich chocolate fudge cake. Hazelnuts always pair well with chocolate due to their subtle, creamy, slightly sweet flavour.

Did I dunk? For sure! Although I was never really a biscuit dunker, I could not resist, and it did not disappoint. Softening slightly, but not soggy, the milky coffee notes really paired well with the deep but simple flavour of the Chocolate Hazelnut bar.

Thumbs up for comfort food, lunchtime snacks on the go and perfect for coffee out with friends.

Keto Lifestyle Tip: I have found over the years, that I can stay true to Keto by being prepared. Part of that is knowing that if I am going out for coffee with friends, they are bound to have cake! In the beginning I would try and find something on the menu that I could eat, but would end up ordering something eggy, like an omelette, which was expensive and far too much food when you only want a nibble. I started taking my own bars to coffee shops and asking if they minded if I ate it with my coffee. It felt cheeky and perhaps a little rude at first. I mean, they are in the business of selling cakes, but I just explained that I eat a restricted diet and no-one has ever had a problem with it. In fact, it often leads to a conversation about the Keto lifestyle....

Banish Hunger on Keto

Coconut Cashew

I didn't get to taste this one myself, having handed it over to hubby after my guilt at scoffing the Banana Bread on my own, so I have to rely on his - slightly less verbose - review.

He is pulled more towards nuts and cheese for snacks, but enjoys a sweet taste every now and then, more after golf or when he's been working hard. Yes, it's probably a reward thing, but he rarely indulges, so it's not a problem.

Sweet, satisfying and one to add to the shopping list was the feedback. I told you he was a man of few words.

Quick Fix for Keto Hunger

They might look small, but they are mighty bars.

Satisfying Keto Snacks

When you are feeling hungry, the dense, compressed texture makes for a really satisfying snack, especially when enjoyed with your coffee or tea. I dare you to dunk them - divine!

Crumble them up and add to yoghurt, fold into whipped cream, or use as a base for Keto Cheesecake…the possibilities are endless with these versatile nutritional powerhouses.

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The best ingredients to help you stay fuller for longer.

Keto Keto bars provide you with the good fats you need on a Keto Diet, without sacrificing taste. These delicious bars have been carefully formulated - a process that took 3 whole years of testing to perfect - with clean, natural ingredients, specifically to help keep you full throughout the day. How? By providing you with a high fat content from coconut oil - the main source of MCT Oil.

Coconut Oil for Keto Diet

A Keto Diet staple, coconut oil helps to increase stomach volume, which gives you that fuller feeling, satiating hunger for longer periods of time compared to other fats.

Coconut oil is really the most amazing superfood!

Not only does it convert to energy quickly, but it increases your metabolism and helps your body burn fat more effectively. Coconut oil will not only fuel your workouts, but it can also boost your calorie-burning potential. That’s a win-win.

3 flavours - Banana Bread, Cherry Bakewell, Coconut & Cashew - contain Keto friendly cashews. Packing a punch with tons of fibre, healthy fats and plant protein, cashew nuts are also low in natural sugar and contain the essential minerals magnesium, copper and manganese, all of which contribute to a healthy body.

Chocolate Hazelnut flavour contains, well, hazelnuts! High in fibre, plant protein and healthy fats, hazelnuts are also a great source of immune boosting Vitamin E.

High Fat Keto Convenience Snacks

What’s NOT in Keto Keto Bars?

Keto Keto left out some of the ingredients used in other low carb snacks.

  • Sugar

  • Grains

  • Dairy

  • Dried fruit

  • Syrupy sweeteners

  • Unnecessary binding agents

They made sure that their unique recipes included beneficial foods, for the best nutritional value per bar.

  • Coconut Oil

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Cacao

  • Herbs and Spices

Snack bars to help you stay in Ketosis.

There is nothing worse than indulging in a snack that kicks you out of ketosis - where’s the fun in that?

The right balance of sweeteners - more Erythritol less Xylitol - can help you stay in ketosis compared to other snacks. Bearing in mind that we all react a little differently to artificial sweeteners, you should find that you are not kicked out of ketosis after enjoying a Keto Keto Bar.

Need help to maintain your weight loss goals?

Keto Keto bars are also the perfect snack for you. Unlike most low carb snack bars, they are pure and contain no ingredients to spike your blood sugar, which can make you even hungrier and feel tired, cranky, and out of sorts.

Physical effects of blood sugar spikes include:

  • Increased thirst

  • More frequent urination

  • Blurred vision

  • Headaches

Want a Keto friendly snack for before or after workouts?

Packed full of energy boosting Coconut Oil, nuts and seeds, Keto Keto bars are great for providing the fuel you need for your workouts, or to assist with post workout recovery.

Guilt free snacking on a Keto Diet.

You can indulge in one of these handy snacks at any time of day without feeling guilty, because they're so healthy! Whatever time of day you like to snack, these super tasty, biscuity bars will help keep hunger at bay while providing all the nutrients that make up a well-balanced Keto snack or meal replacement - including fat, fibre and protein.

Throw the Keto cookbook out, all the hard work has been done for you.

On-the-go convenience Keto snacks.

Individually wrapped bars these go-to bars make for a very convenient Keto snack for every day…on your daily walk, for the gym, your lunchbox, in front of the TV. Wherever and whenever you feel the need to snack. If you're feeling hungry, grab one and you'll feel full for hours.

Snacks to stop you cheating.

Do you get easily tempted by sugar filled snacks and treats? Are your friends and family eating foods you crave, but want to resist?

Don’t feel like you’re missing out! A Keto Keto bar will help you feel like you’ve had a treat, without sabotaging your Keto Diet, helping you stay away from tempting cakes and sweets.

Not just a Keto Snack.

Just because they are labelled a Keto snack, it doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy them! Share with your family and friends and they’ll thank you. They also have the added benefit of being dairy-free, 100% vegan, and diabetic friendly to boot!

Why choose Keto Keto bars?

Stop searching online for what snacks to have on Keto, choose Keto Keto bars and:

  • Stop making bad choices through hunger

  • Be prepared and eat better and healthier

  • Prevent cheating on your Keto Diet

  • Get more nutrients to last you throughout the day

  • Stay on track with your macros

  • Achieve your weight loss goals

Oh, and because they are delicious!