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Ketogenic Diet in the UK

New to Keto? 

You have probably already heard lots of great things about the

Ketogenic diet, but you may not understand exactly what it is.

We'll help you understand the terminology, dig into how it works and help you make the right choices to achieve your personal goals.

Following a Ketogenic diet (Keto diet) means you eat:

  • Low amounts of Carbohydrates, usually between 20g - 50g 

  • Moderate amounts of Protein 

  • High amounts of good Fats

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I'm Amanda

I have been following a low-carb high-fat ketogenic diet since 2016, after struggling with my health and weight for many years.

I was frustrated by the lack of information available in the UK about this way of eating from a health perspective, so I have written this blog as an online resource for anyone looking to start their own Keto journey - whether it's out of curiosity or necessity!

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Purition and the Keto diet

Purition is a great resource for healthy fats, as well as being a high protein, low carb food choice.

That’s why Purition is the perfect accompaniment to your Keto diet, as it can be enjoyed alongside healthy food for a balanced approach to the Keto lifestyle.


Keto Basics

Top tips for beginners and how to maintain a Keto lifestyle...

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Top 10 Keto Supplements
Kitchen Gadgets for Keto Cooking
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What happens if you 'Cheat' on Keto

Keto Food & Shopping

Here are my top tips for the best Keto foods and where to find those hard to buy ingredients.